Annual Art Exhibit at the Biltmore

The Coral Gables Garden Club’s 2015 Art Exhibition was held Monday, January 26th, in the Granada Ballroom of The Biltmore Hotel. It was a true “Celebration of the Visual Arts.” The original works presented were created by artists residing within our own inspiring community. Seven of which were club members, and four were guest artists. They were: Shirley Anderson, Ruth Biel, Anna-Louise Fulks, Ana Lam, Sherry Jordan, Ismael Gomez Peralta, Aimee Perez, Rick Poston, Ana Maria Sarlat, Susan Thomas and Harold White.

Music by The Luyano Band was equally creative. Co-chairs were Sherry Jordan and Aimee Perez. The creativity abounded beyond the easels and pedestals. The Luyano Band performed throughout the show, and the tables were graced with flowers and vittles, both savory and sweet. Co-chairs Sherry Jordan and Aimee Perez, wish to thank Ana Lam, Shirley Anderson, Garlin Lewis, Jana White, Kitty Winkler, Rosita Perez, Sharon Trbovich and her sous chefs, and Gloria Zannis, for their contributions.



President Jana meeting and greeting members at the successful January Art  Exhibition held at the Biltmore. Seated (L to R) Shirley Anderson, Carol Russo,  guest, and Lamonte Haynes. Standing: Anna Louise Fulks with President JanaWhite.


Ana Lam above stands proudly beside her art.


Sculpture by Aimee Perez

Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7841 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_Marlin-Ebbert_IMG_7842 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_Mary-Whitcomb_IMG_7860 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7866 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7884 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7911 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7915 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7917 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7923  Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7933 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7937 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7944 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7941 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7952 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7963 Coral-Gables-Garden-Club_Art-Exhibit-at-the-Biltmore-Hotel_IMG_7970


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