2013 Holiday House Tour A Smashing Success

On a beautiful Sunday December 8, 2013, the tour began in both Gables Estates and Old Cutler Bay. Upon arrival at the fabulous tour homes, our more than 700 guests were given a beautiful program. This would not have been possible but for the generosity of 2 of our members who let us showcase their homes—Judy George and Mary Frances Irvin.

Judy George and Mary Frances Irvin at 2013 Coral Gables Garden Club Holiday House Tour

Thank you Mary Young , who did an exceptionally warm personal and excellent write up of each home. Thank you Betsy Tilghman, Dr. George Irvin, Blanche Brownell, and Ana Lam for the brochure photos. Also Sherry Jordan, Blanche Brownell, and Jeannett Slesnick did a wonderful job of capturing the joy and excitement of the day. Thank you Carmen Cason, Ana Lam, and Susie Salerno for much planning and coordinating to flow the guests safely through the homes and for staffing the homes with your beautiful hostesses.

The lovely Irvin home was the site of the Presidents’ Tea and Bake Sale. Thanks to Liz Gallagher, Mary Whitcomb, and Hallie Yanno for chairing this and recruiting their outstanding help. Our thanks to the Garden Club’s past Presidents for serving tea, and to all our members who baked cookies. Thanks to Mary Whitcomb who made it easy for members to drop off their cookies on Saturday. Thank you Bake Sale Chairs Mary Bunge and Deborah Whipple (with help from Bosey Foote, Jeanne Ann Rigl, and Nancy Gray) for a fabulous bake sale! To those of you who canned or baked delectable treats, thank you for making this year’s bake sale a success.

Jeannett Slesnick at 2013 Coral Gables Garden Club Holiday House TourOur Ticket Chairs, Denny Campbell and Joyce Stevens did a stellar job of selling as well as staffing. Final tour figures will be available at the February Board Meeting. Our five homes were enhanced by the spectacular floral arrangements of Betsy Adams, Donna Box, Suzuyo Fox, Charlotte Henderson, Sherry Jordan, Mieko Kubota, Kathy Limmiatis, Sandy Milledge, Kay Murff, Aimee Perez, Rosita Perez, Susan Thomas, Sharon Trbovich, Jana White, and Teresa Zohn.

Thanks so much to Jana White for chairing this committee of talented gifted women.

Thanks to Pat Clarke who arranged for the music and provided the lovely TUCCI umbrellas.

Thanks to Rea Zervas for getting balloons and posting our new signs (from last year). As Barbara Reese said last year “it took a village to create and to execute this event”.

We thank all of you for your support, professionalism, kindness and warm hospitality to our guests. You made this a memorable success! We wish you Happy and Healthy New Year!

Sharon and Bob Trobovich at 2013 Coral Gables Garden Club Holiday House Tour

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