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“‘Tis the Season” . . .

“‘Tis the Season” . . . these three little words mean so much for so many people. For me it is a time of celebration with family and friends. It is about sharing my good fortune with those less fortunate. It … Continue reading

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Angel’s Trumpet—Brugmansia Versicolor

I walk my dog at night. A few doors down a neighbor grows an Angel’s Trumpet close to the sidewalk, and so often the intoxicating perfume of this tree envelopes me in a love of living in the tropics (okay, … Continue reading

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“Alligator Pears”

“Alligator Pears” were once used instead of butter. The first recorded importation into Florida was in 1833, and the first into California in 1871. The war between California and Florida avocado growers has raged since then. Those who like the … Continue reading

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FFGC District XII Landscape Design Course

The National Garden Club, Inc. Landscape Design Course 1 was sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, District XII, in Miramar recently. Three Coral Gables Garden Club members attended the seminars, November 12-­13. They were: Ana Lam, Kay Murff, and … Continue reading

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