A Time to Celebrate…looking forward to 91 years What a Great Celebration

“Our First Ninety Years” was a wonderful experience, Teresa Zohn and her committee know how to celebrate in a memorable way.

We are a club of history but also a club of the “new”. Have we ever had a group picture of our ladies in pink, white and green standing in the shape of a 90 taken by a drone in the sky??? I think not!

Have we ever seen a video history of our garden club from beginning to today? I think not!

Janna White Coral Gables Garden Club

Birthday wishes to President Jana, and to all those who are celebrating birthdays this summer.

Have we ever recognized members according to their years of membership by giving them a rose—some members having been a member long enough to receive almost a full bouquet? I think not!

Have we ever raised our champagne glasses for a toast to our club led by our newly elected City Commissioner? I think not!

Have we ever had a more delicious lunch and a gift of an edible garden club hibiscus cookie? I think not!

Have we ever had a more unusual and applicable installation of officers? I think not!

Have we ever initiated 6 more talented and qualified new members? (Probably, but it is exciting!)

Have we ever had our scholarship student and her mother attend? (Yes, but we are proud.)

Have you ever had an unsuspecting president be more surprised with 100 members singing Happy B’Day and given a cake and a candle to blow out? I think not (the cake was delicious).

Another great celebration took place in the chambers of the Coral Gables City Hall on Tuesday, April 28, 2015, with several members of the Garden Club attending, when the commissioners passed resolution #15-3903 which reads: “A Resolution naming the passive park at the corner of Alhambra Circle and Mendavia Avenue in honor of Betsy Adams and the Coral Gables Garden Club.” What a joyous day for Betsy to be recognized for numerous contribution’s to the Coral Gables community. Due to Betsy’s humility and love for the Garden Club, she included our name with hers. With sincere joy and appreciation, we say thank—”Thank you, Betsy, for your leadership in all of these accomplishments and Congratulations!”

This has been a memorable year. Yet, we look forward to an even better 91st. TOGETHER WE MAKE EACH OTHER BETTER. Remember the 3 R’s for the summer—RELAX, REJOICE and REJUVENATE!
-Jana White

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