A wonderful addition to any garden . . . and easy

Begonia Cane Angel Wing

Begonia, Pink Coccinia . . . a wonderful cane, or angel wing begonia. This begonia is best grown in pots as are all cane of begonias in our area.

Their roots are very tasty to nematodes, those nasty critters which abound in our soil. So if planted in the ground, they will eventually poop out.

begoniadeThe good news is, they are very easy to grow in pots and thrive on neglect. Simply take cuttings and stick them in loose soil in your pot. All begonias like loose soil, which is a potting mix with about 1/3 of the total volume in added perlite.

Don’t over water. Begonias like to be on the dry side. You can pinch off the ends at any node for a fuller plant. If left alone, some of mine have reached over 4 feet.

They bloom all year and are a wonderful addition to any garden. There will be cuttings available at the December meeting.

-Susan Thomas

Angel Wing Begonia

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