Angel’s Trumpet—Brugmansia Versicolor

Angel's Trumpet-pinkI walk my dog at night. A few doors down a neighbor grows an Angel’s Trumpet close to the sidewalk, and so often the intoxicating perfume of this tree envelopes me in a love of living in the tropics (okay, subtropics).

Angel’s Trumpets bloom year round, but they love cool nights best. The large, pendulous, trumpet shaped flowers develop seemingly overnight, and bam, here is that heady smell again!

To be the graceful tree it can be it needs plenty of sun, and rich, moist, but not waterlogged soil. Its flowers come in shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, green or red, and the tree grows to about 15′, so it is not a big tree, and thus could fit into many a small garden. Unfortunately, as we all know, all parts of the tree are toxic. But those toxicants are intoxicating!

Betsy Tilghman

Angel's Trumpet-purple

Angel's Trumpet-red Angel's Trumpet-white

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