Edible Ground Cover to Grow and Munch . . . Sisso Spinach

Sisso SpinachIt is Sissoo Spinach, also known as Brazilian Spinach, or Samba Lettuce and is well suited for our hot and humid summers. It makes a wonderful edible ground cover and will tolerate up to 50 percent shade. It works very well as a substitute for regular spinach and does great steamed or sautéed . It has smaller and crisper leaves than spinach. It is easy to propagate , you’ll see small roots on most nodes, just peel off the lower leaves, stick it in the ground, add water and watch it go. It does not set viable seed and is not considered invasive. It prefers 50% or more shade and tolerates a wide range of pH conditions. It can be planted as a living mulch under fruit trees. Brazilians usually eat it raw in salads with oil and or vinegar, tomato and onion. I will have some samples at the meeting. Even if you don’t consume it , it makes a fine ground cover, spreading easily and growing to a height of several inches .

– by Susan Thomas

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