From “Can’t Do . . .” to a Month of Many Firsts

President Jana White and Jessie Perkins were part of the overflowing audienceFor the first time we held a floral workshop in the garden center that was publicized (not enough—we are learning), and open to the public. We will do this again on Friday, March 27 for everyone—spread the word.

The February 23rd general meeting was held at the Coral Gables Museum and after a workshop and business meeting, the program was open to the public. Mayor Jim Cason and Commissioner Vince Lago attended as did others from the community. There were approximately 85 people in attendance.  (President Jana White and Jessie Perkins, pictured above, were part of the overflowing audience.) This was a meaningful opportunity to further our presence in the City. THANKS to all who helped to make this day very successful.

March traditionally has been a busy month for our Garden Club and 2015 is no different. The March progressive luncheon is filled to capacity thanks to Mary Frances Irvin. Susan Thomas and Marie Harley are coordinating the Garden Therapy event scheduled for March 12.

Ana Lam has planned March 19 for the annual field trip to our own Fairchild Tropical Garden with a tram tour seeing the Chihuly glass art exhibits, time with butterflies, lunch and a walk of the Palmetum.

The March 23 general meeting will be for members only with discussion and voting on important items such as bylaw revisions, scholarship, a slate of officers for the upcoming Garden Club year and new members. There will be some fabulous entertainment also. Everything begins at 11 a.m.—Be there.

Exciting news! The item of naming a new park at Alhambra Circle and Mendavia Avenue in honor of Betsy Adams and the Coral Gables Garden Club will soon be presented to vote by the city commissioners. Betsy has served our club and the city with excellence in many beneficial ways and always shares her recognition with us. Thank you, Betsy.

Our future looks bright. “TOGETHER we make one another BETTER.” Keep smiling—remembering that “a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks!”

Alhambra Circle and Mendavia Avenue, Coral Gables Florida


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