Kiss Me Quick! . . . or Call Me Brunfelsia pauciflora

While Valentine’s Day still lingers in the mind, and possibly in your vase, I’d like to highlight this lovely blooming shrub with the timely nickname of Kiss Me Quick, as well as Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow, and Morning-Noon-and-Night.

Brunfelsia pauciflora

This 3-to-8-foot shrub from the woodlands of Brazil gets its name from the gorgeous pansy-like clusters of flowers that start out purple, turn to lavender and then white, all in a few days. On any blooming bush you will see all three shades at the same time as the flowers continue to bloom.

Kiss Me Quick is blooming in our gardens right now. They are intermittent bloomers throughout the year, with show stopping displays in early spring. Good watering and filtered sunlight are ideal. Like the gardenia or citrus tree, their leaves may yellow if a mineral deficiency is present. Use a fertilizer with micro-elements or Epsom Salts to avoid this tendency.

Plant your Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow in the ground or even in a large pot close to a window or where you socialize so you can enjoy its display and its sweet-smelling flowers. And oh—this is another plant from the nightshade family—its berries are poisonous!

-Betsy Tilghman

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