Letter from the President

Get set for a great April . . . after a whirlwind March.

Through the Garden Gate . . .

March was a busy month, something for everyone! We started off with a fun field trip to Marathon, 3 days of a Flower Show extravaganza, another deliciously fun cooking class, and ended with the Royal Palm Singers serenading us with a bounty of garden delights.

The Royal Palm Singers

In between all of this we managed to update our Bylaws in order to strengthen our Garden Club and move into the future. A new slate of Officers and Directors were elected ensuring that your Garden Club will be in good hands. Dues are being collected and some of you have returned your surveys. The purpose of the survey, most importantly, is to have the correct information for the Yearbook. We also are able to determine where your interests lie so that we are able to bring programs to you that interest you.

Teresa ZohnWe have taken in four new wonderful and talented members. Sadly we have lost four of our wonderful members. Start thinking  about your friends and neighbors who might make good prospective members and invite them to a meeting so that they might see what we are all about!

(Hostess, Teresa Zohn, hard at work)

Jana and I are headed off to the State FFGC Convention. The three days promises many activities and wonderful speakers. This is a wonderful opportunity for Jana and me to bring back to you news of convention, to learn what other clubs are doing and how might we incorporate some of these activities into our club. There will be wonderful speakers on Horticulture, new Design Techniques, How to Save our Coral Reefs, and Linda Nelson, President of NGC, will tell us “How To Make A Difference”, Linda’s theme for the year.

April promises to be another great month . . . come see what you are missing!

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is never nearer God’s heart than in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.

– President Sharon Trbovich


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