MOMENTS TO REMEMBER : From the 88th FFGC Convention held in St. Petersburg, Florida

ENTERTAINMENT: Barbershop quartet singing “When I Fall In Love”, “New York New York”, “God Bless America”, and other selections like you’ve never heard them before!

MOTIVATIONAL : Linda Nelson, President, Nation Garden Clubs, Inc., urging us to make a world of difference—choices matter.” She used the example of 4′ 8″ (the rut in Roman roads 2000 years ago—”the size of two horses rear ends”—and still used today in railway tracks), and urged garden club members to get out of the “rut”—change, be courageous and change what we have ALWAYS done.

WACKY FUN : All 297 of us singing “Calendar Girl” as the twelve state district directors paraded in costumes of each month.

Awards presented at the Breakfast of Champions Breakfast. Will we win an award???? Well, we did not—but will endeavor to do so this coming year!

ADVENTURE: Dennis Cathcart of Tropiflora in Sarasota with tales of around the world travel while hunting snakes and discovering bromeliads, and now has 6 acres of bromeliads to send around the world.

INSPIRATIONAL: Heartwarming stories from three young women whose lives were impacted and changed by attendance at Camps Wekiva and SEEK. Through these environmental experiences, they learned “who they wanted to be and where they wanted to go.” Because of the FFGC Scholarship Program their college educations were provided. By the way, all proceeds from sales of 2015 calendars go to this scholarship fund—you can have one for only $6!

SURPRISE: Our past district director, Judy Clark was honored with an Earth Steward Award for her leadership for the Coral Restoration Foundation. The outstanding floral design by our own Sharon Trbovich, which was on display for all to enjoy, was chosen to be in the 2016 Calendar!!!! The 2015 FFGC Convention will be in Boca Raton, Florida, April 18 & 19 and hosted by our District XII along with District XII. I hope several of you will take advantage of this location and attend next year.

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