New Changes and New Opportunities await CGGC in 2015

At the October 8th Board Meeting the possibility of cancelling the Holiday Home Tour was discussed. Charlotte Henderson, Jana White and myself spent quite a bit of time searching for homes. At the time of the Board Meeting we had only 2 residents sign on and then the following day declined for security reasons. I explained that we did not advertise to the public, that we had CGGC members that acted as hostesses in each room, that we had insurance against damage, theft or injury. This did not seem to ally fears.

I then presented several options that we could pursue in the Spring of 2015 that would possibly help us to celebrate our 90th Birthday in a grand way. After much discussion a motion was made, seconded and voted upon that we would cancel the December 2014 Holiday HOME TOUR and proceed with a Spring 2015 event. Having an event in the Spring will lessen the competition with other organizations and provide us with the opportunity to shine even more!

I would like to thank Sandy Milledge, Rosita Perez, Eeva Kulovaara, Betsy Tilghman, Judy Mangasarian, Mary Young, Kay Murff, Rah Whipple, Liz Gallagher and Hallie Yanno for signing on as various Chairs for the tour. These wonderful ladies had already gathered workers for the various committees and I thank each and everyone that signed on. I hope that you will be as eager to help in the Spring! Also a special thank you to Phyllis Parsons who suggested so many wonderful homes along the Prado.

Sharon Trbovich, Home Tour Co-Chair

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