October . . . a very memorable month for CGGC

Jana White and Al Latino

Jana White with Al Latino, 3rd VP of FFGC

At the board meeting the report from Home Tour Chairmen, Sharon Trbovich and Charlotte Henderson was given. After much discussion, the board voted to cancel the December HOME TOUR and reschedule an event in the spring of 2015. Please read the article regarding the home tour for more information.

Change is hard . . . especially when it is unexpected. However, this will be an opportunity for our club to explore different avenues and engage in an event that is new, fresh and exciting. We welcome your ideas/suggestions.

The fall District XII meeting hosted by our club and led by Sharon Trbovich was a huge success. We filled the beautiful Granada Ballroom with 101 people . . . 25 of whom represented Coral Gables. The invocation was given by Kay Murff. The programs were designed in the always attractive and informative style of Gloria Zannis. The name tags and place cards were created by Blanche Brownell who continues to surprise us with the “unbelievable.” (How does she do that?) The twelve centerpieces wowed all at the tables with their beauty . . . baskets filled with glorious fall colors of flowers designed by Kitty Winker and her committee of Judy Mangasarian, Sandy Milledge, Betsy Adams and Joan Thompson.

The state officers reports were filled with news of ALL that is happening in our state regarding the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. We enjoyed “shopping” among the goodies they brought for us from our state officers. The twelve beautifully wrapped and bountiful baskets were raffled off. Thanks to Teresa Zohn who created a butterfly basket to represent our club. Jeannett Slesnick procured many “goodies” to fill the tote bags given to each guest. Jessie Perkins exhibited patience and perseverance as she received reservations and registered the attendees. Sherry Jordan was busy with her camera recording faces of the day. As always, several of our members volunteered to help set up the room and to assist the state officers. Thanks to all . . . a “community” of many helping hands. The luncheon blessings were given by Betsy Adams and the food was outstanding. A treat for all! The speaker was Sally Livingston, a marriage and family therapist, who enhanced the meeting theme of “Getting to Know You”. She reminded us that we must first know ourselves before we can know others. We were told “I am unique,” “I am loved,” and “I have a purpose.” She challenged us to tend our own garden to cultivate these fragrant flowers of uniqueness, of being loved and of having a purpose . . . so that others will receive this beauty and want to visit/stay in my garden longer and be motivated to do the same in theirs. She left us with much to ponder.

Our awards chair, Kay Lores is busy submitting our entries for state and Deep South awards. The CGGC yearbook is already enroute to the state for award evaluation. She is working on other award entries due December 1.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the November general meeting. Garlin Lewis has planned another excellent program. You don’t want to miss this! We will journey together in “community”.

Jana White, President

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