Preparing for an Exciting New CGGC Year . . .

Webster’s defines “break” – to stop activity temporarily/ a gap, interval or rest and defines “vacation” – a period of rest. Perhaps this summer has given you a chance to reunite with the carefree ways of childhood.

May you have experienced the joy of simplicity and ease, learning to relax and “just be”.
May you have experienced a time of rest and solitude. May you have experienced a time to connect with nature – a time for reverence, for space, fresh air and an unencumbered lifestyle- a time for quiet meditation among the beautiful colors and forms which renews and sustains us – rejuvenates the soul.

My theme for this year is COMMUNITY – defined in Webster’s as “any group having interests in common”.
This summer has brought new health challenges for some of our garden club families.
As community let us continue to express concern and prayers for healing and restoration.
As community, let us step up our commitment and pledge to attend meetings and participate in events.
As community, let us honor those around us with encouragement and kindness. As community, let us laugh and enjoy our times together.
As community, let us accomplish much that is worthwhile.
As community, let us become better stewards for all that God has entrusted to us.
Webster’s defines new as “different from one in the past”. We are not going to forget or dismiss the past, but we are looking forward to newness. I am humbled and honored to be your new President.

New President, Jana White, being installed by out-going President, Sharon Trbovich

We have much to be thankful for:
new members,
new friends,
new officers,
new committee chairpersons,
new yearbook,
new programs,
new workshops, and new activities and opportunities.

Welcome to this new Coral Gables Garden Club year.

-Jana White, President


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