President Sharon’s Message for the New Year

“Another fresh new year is here…
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt and fear,
To laugh, love and give!
This bright New Year is given me
To live each day with zest…..
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!
I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!”

In 2014 we have much to look forward to…
• Wonderful programs
• Our annual art show
• Field trip
• Garden tours
• Planting our “home-grown mangrove pups.”
• Welcoming new members
• FFGC educational opportunities
• Renewing Garden Club friendships

Whether you chose to ring in the New  Year with the clinking of glasses, some  delicious food traditions . . . blackeyed  peas, sauerkraut, grapes, or your special family tradition . . . I hope that  it will bring you and yours good health and much happiness.

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