Welcome to a New CGGC Year . . . Our 91st

Jana White Coral Gables Garden Club  Coral Gables Garden Club

Welcome to a “refreshing” new Garden Club  year. Hoping your ‘time away’ has replenished and stimulated you as we continue to celebrate  90 years and look forward to going into 91! Speaking of refreshing, your garden center has a fresh new coat of paint and looks quite  attractive—we are very thankful for this. Much more “refreshing” is coming this year to this “home” of ours. Stay tuned.

Your board members convened for the first meeting on September 9. I want to express  profound gratitude to the Officers, Directors and Committee Chairpersons who will be  serving with me this year. Their talents and  dedications will serve us well. Our Thank Yous are many:

  • Your new yearbooks are ready for you to receive at the September 28th general meeting. Wait until you see this one—a fantastically (is  that a word?) beautiful book,  thanks to Betsy Tilghman.
  • Thanks to Kitty Winkle for our first workshop which should be of interest to  all of us—House Plants: Nurturing Our Indoor Gardens by Sallye Jude.
  • Thanks to Judi Welsh for the program on September 28 which will  enlighten us—Growing Plants and Edibles Vertically for Space, Conservation, and Healthier Food featuring Arthur and Cheyenne Chernou.

Of course there will be a  delicious meal and an exciting business meeting. Put October 14 on your calendar—the District XII meeting will be hosted by the Miami Beach Garden Club, and our club will be presented and celebrated for winning the National Award for Best Project—our red  mangrove restoration project.


Many, many thanks to Olga Lazo and her committee on all their hard work getting the inside of the garden center cleaned.

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