World Gardening

Our Coral Gables Garden Club chose to contribute to the ECHO Project as our fund raiser to support World Gardening 2014. Kay Murff and Sharon Trobovich, our club’s past and present presidents attended a presentation on the programs at the farm in Lee County. The facility produces, studies, and stores seeds, which can then be sent to areas of similar climate for food production. Most impressive of their global successes are the African and Asian projects. They provide the seeds and skills for successful food production in many areas of increased population, and diminished farming and food production. We chose a mini auction of favorite baked goods with a southern theme. The caramel cake and the Nawlin’s pralines were a big hit. We collected over $200!

Coral Gables Garden Club members Gail Mase, Mona Coll, Jana White, Judy Mangasarian, Nita Norman raising money for World Gardening,

(L-R: Gail Mase, Mona Coll, Jana White, Judy Mangasarian, and Nita Norman)

 By Mona Coll 

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